A New Approach to Fight Cancer

Intragel is developing a unique gel-based drug delivery platform designed to administer anticancer treatments to the solid tumor locally, for enhanced efficacy with minimal side effects

Multiple cancer indications
Multiple cancer
Reduces existing chemotherapy side effects
Reduces existing
anticancer drug
side effects
Long-lasting results with enhanced therapeutic efficacy
Long-lasting results
with enhanced
therapeutic efficacy
Safe and well-tolerated
Safe and
Ready-to-use, highly concentrated treatment
highly concentrated
Uses FDA-approved chemotherapy building blocks & drugs
Uses FDA-approved
building blocks &
therapeutic drugs

SRGel: A Groundbreaking Solvent-free Gel-based Drug Delivery Platform

Our innovative gel platform, SRGel, brings new hope for cancer patients, especially those with untreatable and inoperable solid tumors. By facilitating localized, prolonged release of anticancer medications directly at the tumor site, SRGel optimizes therapeutic outcomes while minimizing side effects.

With substantial drug loading capacity, SRGel can enable the delivery of highly concentrated and targeted doses of most FDA-approved anti-cancer drugs available today, for improved treatment effectiveness in a wide range of cancers.

Our Mission

“At Intragel, our mission is to offer cancer patients safer and more efficient therapies. Especially for the 2 million cancer patients left without treatment options. We aim to provide them with more time to spend with their families while maintaining their quality of life. This is priceless!”

Peter Siman, CEO, and Co-founder, Intragel

Transforming Head and Neck Cancer

Intragel’s first product, TumoCure, is addressing a huge unmet need in the treatment of head and neck cancer. Today, there are 900,000 cases diagnosed globally. Yet patients face limited treatment options as in 50% of cases the cancer returns following therapy with limited treatment options.  

Harnessing our SRGel gel platform, TumoCure incorporates a high concentration of the anti-cancer drug, cisplatin, administered directly at the tumor site using standard injection accessories. Encouraging early clinical results with leading hospitals demonstrates the treatment is safe and effective with minimal-to-no side effects.

About Intragel

Everyone knows someone who has died of cancer.  At Intragel, we are dedicated to innovating safe and state-of-the-art treatments for life-threatening solid tumors to bring hope where none previously existed. 

Intragel is led by a team of highly professional and experienced scientists, and business executives, with proven experience in bringing novel cancer therapies to market. The company operates from within NGT3 technology incubator located in Nazareth Israel.