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Unmet Need

The extreme side effects associated with chemotherapy treatments leads to patients quiting the courses of treatment, refusal to take any course, or them being essentially unfit for the treatment as their BMI and general health condition are very low. These unfit patients are ~30% of the total oncology patients, which in the case of head and neck cancer (HNC) grow to 50% of the total HNC patients. Consequently, those patients are hopeless and helpless in the battle against cancer.

Intragel technology is targeting those patients with intratumoral, safe and sustained release of chemotherapy drugs, giving those unfit patients a second chance to fight cancer back.

  • Current anti-cancer chemotherapies are given through intravenous infusion.

    As chemotherapeutic drugs flow through the blood stream they pread all over patient's body affecting both healthy and cancer cells. Chemotherapy are extremely toxic agents affecting rapidly dividing cells like bone marrow, hair follicles, nails, the mouth and digestive tract, resulting in body toxification and extreme side effect.

our solution

Local Treatment of Tumors by Slow-Release Anti-Cancer Drugs

Intragel's innovative solution is based on a novel, honey-like, gel that can be easily mixed with therapeutic agents. The resulting formula is loaded into a ready to use pre-filled syringe.

The application of Intragel is straightforward through direct injection into the tumor or desired site. Once there, it solidifies allowing the gel to slowely disintigrate, over weeks, for controlled and prolonded release of the drug. Thus maximizing the therapeutic effects while minimizing the severe side-effects.

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Pre-filled syringe

The syringe contains an anti-cancer drug formulated into a de-novo gel which is hydrophobic, biocompatible and biodegradable honey-like polymer.

Clinical Trials

Currently we are finalizing our dossier before submission for first-in-human trials applicable to advanced stage head & neck cancer patients.

Wide range of tumors

Our technology can be applied to a wide range of anti-cancer drugs and is suitable for various types of solid tumors.


The technology is protected by a patent application.

About us

Led by Renowned
World-Class Scientists

INTRAGEL is a science-based company engaged in developing an innovative, state-of-the-art treatment for solid tumors based on an intra-tumoral injectable deliver system with extended release of anticancer drugs.

INTRAGEL is led by a team of highly professional and experienced scientists, and business executives. Intragel operates from within NGT3VC located in Nazareth Israel.

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